Try the brand new Staff Reservations! It's hot!

Always free for TDs - Free 30-day trial for event planners, no credit card requiredStaffReservations is the fastest way for travel directors and event planners to get together.

  • If you're a travel director, maintain your schedule here and all the event planners you work with can know instantly if you're available. E-mailing schedule updates to planners is a thing of the past.
  • If you're an event planner, we've taken the pain out of sourcing staff for your event. Check dozens of schedules (or more!) in one step and instantly know who can work your event. Combine an auto-updating master with notes and custom info, and you'll wonder what you'll do with all that extra time.

Event & Meeting Planners: here's your 30-second tour.
Travel Directors click here.


Create a profile for yourself: put in your location, your favorite airports, and your skills.

Add some color with a picture and a personal note.

Planners will find your profile and add you to their favorites list so they can instantly check your availability for an event.

(Don't forget to enter your existing future events into your calendar.)


When you get an email inviting you to work an event, just log in to change your status.

You can accept, decline, or mark it as tentative if you need to discuss details with the event planner before committing or if the planner just wants you to block dates, rather than committing to them.


As you accept invitations to work, your event calendar is updated automagically.

You spend less time maintaining and updating your calendar.

Your information is private: only you can see the names of events and who invited you to work. Planners can only see the dates you've committed to, and that's it.


share With a Public Profile, all of the planners you work with can bookmark your schedule. They don't even need an account at StaffReservations.

Of course, when all of the planners you work with have accounts on StaffReservations, maintaining your work calendar is a breeze, so ask them to sign up today!


With StaffReservations, you can view all of your favorite TD's availability on one page, and know instantly who's free to work your event.

Crossed-out names are unavailable, blue names have tentative conflicts, and green names have already been invited to your event.

Mousing over a name shows you that person's commitments and conflicts in detail.

No one outside your company can see who you're inviting to work your event; your staff selections are completely private.


Send out invitations to TDs through StaffReservations and your Program Master is updated automagically as TDs respond.

Just ask your favorite TDs to sign up: TD accounts are completely free and registration takes under a minute.

When all your planners on are the same account, you can easily keep an eye on who's working which events.

It's a cinch to email program notes, operations manuals, and files to your event staff — just click the email icon for your event.


The basic TD profile shows you the essential information about a TD, but custom questions allow you to track other important elements about your favorite staffers.

The flexible platform allows you to define what kinds of information you want to collect.

All the planners on your account can edit and share this information, so it's never duplicated and it's always up-to-date.

Your custom information is your own: only your company can see this information, and not even TDs can see what information you've added about them.


Notes allow you to document and share whatever you'd like to with the planners at your company.

You can record general notes about a TD, or, enter specific, post-trip notes after an event.

Only you and your colleagues can see these notes. They are specific to your company only. No other company and not even the TDs themselves can see your notes.