Hilary Ballin

Hilary Ballin

Based out of: Bethesda, MD
Preferred airports: DCA, IAD

Currently I am a full-time TD living in Bethesda, MD. I have the passion, drive & commitment to do what it takes to make clients happy. I have a masters degree in event management form George Washington University. Aside from working on pharmaceutical, technology, financial, government, and healthcare meetings, I have also worked on 9 Olympic Games and 2 World Cups. From the start of Covid, I began volunteering with World Central Kitchen, helping to provide meals to the underserved DC community. I also obtained 12 Covid-19 certifications and worked at a Covid testing site for the United States General Assembly. Additionally, I teach a graduate course for Florida International University in Event Marketing & Sponsorship. I am looking for more opportunities to work as a TD and was referred to Madison Performance Group.

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Skill Sets


  • English I'm fluent
  • Spanish I don't speak it
  • French I don't speak it
  • German I don't speak it
  • Portuguese I don't speak it

Computer Skills

  • Word I know it inside and out
  • Excel I know it inside and out
  • Powerpoint I know it inside and out
  • Basic A/V Equipment I know the basics

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