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Erin Cassidy

Erin Cassidy

Based out of: Indianapolis, IN
Preferred airports: IND

I am most comfortable in service-minded roles, a born care-taker, and I’ve allowed this gift to guide and serve me in all aspects of my life. What that means is, I value and recognize when I’m given opportunities to help others, even when there is no direct or tangible benefit to me. My intuition, perceptiveness and ability to anticipate the needs of others quickly are valued by my clients. They trust me, and I fiercely protect and treasure that. I appreciate when I can share my experience, insight, and wisdom with them. I believe empathy is lacking in today’s business climate. It’s a core component to the very fabric of my being and I do my best to model it in all my collaborations. I am dutiful, tactical, adaptable and comfortable with ambiguity which is why I enjoy the fast-moving and often chaotic nature of the meetings and events world. In my free time I love spending time with my twin, eight year old great nieces! They're a trip and keep me on the move! I'm a podcast junkie and Armchair Expert devotee from day one. Am always on the hunt for the next great streamer series. Love working on family genealogy, planning crazy trips with my husband and seeing live shows of all types!

Upcoming Schedule

Event Dates Status
An Event 11/26/2023 - 12/1/2023 Confirmed
An Event 2/12/2024 - 2/15/2024 Confirmed


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Skill Sets


  • English I'm fluent
  • Spanish I can just get by
  • French (Not specified)
  • German (Not specified)
  • Portuguese (Not specified)
  • Italian I can just get by

Computer Skills

  • Word I know it inside and out
  • Excel I know it inside and out
  • Powerpoint I'm an intermediate user
  • Basic A/V I'm an intermediate user

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