Jenny Hahn Kemp

Jenny Hahn Kemp hasn't posted a personal photo.

Based out of: Asheville, NC
Preferred airports: AVL

My name is Jenny Hahn. I got started in this industry working for a DMC in Hawaii, Mary Charles and Associates. I worked for Mary for two years before moving back to the mainland. For the last ten years I have been freelancing as a TD full time. I have been working both meetings as well as incentives. As far as my skill set I prefer to work different jobs. This way life never gets boring. I enjoy working transportation, food and beverage, hospitality and meetings. I am a hard worker and dedicated to the job. I'm told I am high energy. I prefer moving over sitting. My previous career was pro snowboarding so guess the energy carried over. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile and hope I may be of assistence to you.

Upcoming Schedule (see all 4 events)

Event Dates Status
An Event 10/31/2023 - 11/12/2023 Confirmed
An Event 2/8/2024 - 2/16/2024 Confirmed
An Event 5/16/2024 - 5/23/2024 Confirmed


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Skill Sets


  • English I'm fluent
  • Spanish I am decently conversant
  • French I don't speak it
  • German I don't speak it
  • Portuguese I don't speak it
  • Italian (Not specified)

Computer Skills

  • Word I'm an intermediate user
  • Excel I know the basics
  • Powerpoint I don't use it
  • Basic A/V Equipment I know the basics

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