Event Planner Registration

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As the first person to register at your company, you become the Account Administrator. You have the ability to add and delete users, enabling all of you to share notes, custom information, and see each other's events. You can add your co-workers to your account by clicking on My Account and then on Manage Additional Seats. If they sign up separately, they'll miss out on the big benefits of the site.

If you know your company already has an account, please see the person who set up the account have your information added.

TD Memberships are free forever.

A FREE Event Planner trial membership lets you try out all features of the site for a full 30 days: notes, searches, custom attributes, the works!

At the end of your trial, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan, or, continue using the site on the free plan. (See the plan page for limitations.)