Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Directors

What is this site?

StaffReservations allows you to create a calendar that all the event planners you work with can view. You're probably used to being pinged every few months by planners for updates on your schedule; now you can update it in one place and they'll know instantly whether or not you're available.

How does it work?

Create an account and then enter the events you've already got lined up into your calendar by going to the My Events page and clicking on the Create Event button. You'll enter a name for the program for your own reference (could be President's Club or any time period you want to block, like Vacation.)

Then, let all of the event planners you work with that you're on and they should sign up too -- that way they'll always be in the loop.

How does an event planner book me for a job?

  • An event planner adds you to her list of Favorite Staff.
  • When she's staffing an event, she'll see if you're listed as busy or free on the dates she needs you for. If you're free, she'll issue an invitation to work the event and you'll get automatically get an email with the details.
  • Click the link in your invitation to respond. You can mark the invitation as In Discussion, Accepted, or Declined.
  • Use In Discussion if the planner just wants you to hold the dates for now, or, if you need to speak to the planner before committing. (Events you mark as In Discussion are displayed as Tentative to planners.)
  • Once you change the status, every planner you work with will see that you're now booked (or free) on those dates.

What if I have to cancel on an event I already accepted?

You can do that from the My Events page too, but use it with care. There's no way for you to undo it, and the planner can't reinvite you. In addition, event planners are relying on you. You should let the planner know why you've got to cancel after making the commitment.

What if I don't want a planner to see who else I'm working for?

Planners can't see who else you're working with. Ever.

An event planner can only see the names of events that she or her co-workers created. All other commitments will show as "An Event" in your public schedule.

What else can I do?

You should fill out your personal profile. This is optional, but it can increase the probability that an event planner will select select you. You can add

  • where you're based out of
  • which airports you prefer to use
  • how you rate your skill level across some critical functions
  • which languages you speak and your fluency level

You can also add a picture and a brief statement where you can describe yourself, where you've been, or the kinds of events you like to work.

You can also enable a Public Profile. This creates a bookmarkable address for youself that you can give to planners. Then they have access your availability, even if they're not using StaffReservations. (Of course, we'd hope you convince them to join!)

How much does it cost?

For you? Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

StaffReservations is free for travel directors. In the future, there could be some premium add-ons, but the basic service will always be free.

How do I get the planners I work with to use the service too?

Let them know how much time and aggravation this saves you and will save them! If they're on the fence, you can remind them they can try out all features for event planners free-of-charge for 30 days, no credit card required.

Event Planners

What is this site?

If you're like most event planners, you know that staffing an event can be an onerous process. You need to keep track of dozens and dozens of schedules (perhaps even more!) of your favorite event staff. You might even be keeping track of other skill sets for each TD, but it's unlikely it's easy to work with.

StaffReservations makes staffing your events is quick, easy, and painless. Start by curating your favorites list of your preferred travel staff. When it's time to staff an event, just enter the dates of your event and you'll know instantly who's available and who's not. One more click and your invitations are sent.

How do I know if my favorite staff is already on the site?

Once you're logged in you can browse and search the TDs who have signed up already. If you don't see the folks you're looking for, send them the address of this site! It's completely free for TDs and just takes a minute. Once they're all on the platform, you'll be able to check their calendars in one step.

How does it work?

First, browse or search for your favorite staff and add them to your favorites. When you have an event, go to the Create Event page and enter the start and end dates of your event. Then go to Invite Staff and choose the staff you want to invite. Staff that have conflicts won't be selectable.

Once you select which staff to invite, customize the email invitation and hit send. The TDs you selected will get an email with the event information, and will come back to the site to accept or decline the invitation. They can also mark an invitation as In Discussion, which means they'll be contacting you with additional questions.

In Discussion shows on a TD's schedule as a tentative date; other agencies can still invite them, but with the knowledge they could be turned down.

I've got lots of planners at my company -- do we share an account?

You can have multiple people from the same company sharing information. If no one's available from your list of favorites, you can easily search your colleagues' favorites' schedules. Your co-workers can see who's working each others' programs with ease. If a particular TD is working a colleague's program, you'll be able to see that if you want to ask your colleague about a staff swap.

Is this all the site does?

No! TDs list their essential skills, their bio, and their location and local airports, but you can add to this information with custom questions.

Chances are you maintain a list of Q&A for each staff member that's unique to your organization, whether it's on-site kit (ie, t-shirt size, has your company polo or name badge, etc) or skill-related (ie, how well she knows your custom software, experience with a particular need, etc). Once you define it, it becomes a part of every TD's bio on StaffReservations and any planner at your company can view it and update it.

You can also record custom notes for every TD. Record general notes about a TD or write down your post-trip notes for each staffer and they're available to all your planners in the future. New staff members get the benefit of your experience, all documented.

Note: your Q&A and your notes are completely private; no other planning company can see your information.

What does it cost?

See the pricing page for the latest pricing.

Plans are based on the number of planners at your company using the site on a monthly basis. You aren't charged per event or per TD hired, it's all-you-can-eat.

StaffReservations plans are month-to-month, you can quit at any time with no hassles. You can also upgrade or downgrade at will, all without having to go through Customer Support.

Data Privacy

We take the privacy of your data seriously.

Travel Directors can be assured that:

  • No planner can see who else you are working for.
  • No planner can see what events you are working (except for events they've invited you to work).
  • Your publically accessible web address is turned off by default, and if you turn it on you always have the option to turn it off.

Event planners can rest easy knowing:

  • No planners outside your company can see who's on your list of favorite staff.
  • No planners outside your company can view the details of your events.
  • No planners outside your company can see who you've hired.
  • No planners outside your company can access any of the custom data you enter for TDs.
  • No planners outside your company can see the notes you take on staff.

We've taken many steps to ensure that your data is safe and secure. If you have any questions at all, please write to us.