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Growing up in a French-German family, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in diverse cultures across continents, from France to Germany, various parts of Asia, Australia, and finally Canada. For over eight years, I took the lead as an Account & Project Manager at one of North America's premier event management firms, orchestrating projects with budgets of up to $2.5M for Fortune 100 companies in the Pharmaceutical, Telecom, and Automotive sectors. This experience refined my skills in project management and leadership, enabling me to address complex challenges with creativity and efficiency. 2023 marked a new chapter as my wife and I chose to return to Europe with our children. I've since ventured into Event Consulting, taking on various planning and onsite Trip Director roles. My professional background spans hotel to congress and conference management, enhanced by a strong command of digital tools, including Adobe Creative Suite, Aventri, and Cvent, alongside my expertise in AV production and financial management. This comprehensive skill set underpins my versatility and capability in the field. In an industry where the ability to meet impossible deadlines and make quick decisions is crucial, my versatility allows me to swiftly leverage my skillset and deliver prompt results. Curiosity, balance, and groundedness are the traits I value most, not only for my own life but also as key lessons for my two young kids, aged 3 and 6. Outside of work, my connection to my family and nature (through ski touring, rock-climbing, hiking, and mountain biking) brings me balance and renews my batteries and spirit. I'm excited to bring my unique blend of experiences, skills, and personal insights to new opportunities, continuing to grow both professionally, personally and spiritually. *** Home Airport: Geneva, Switzerland ***


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